Artists in Residence: Johanna Leech and Caragh O’Donnell


Johanna and Caragh lived together in Flat 4 for one week making edible wafer windmills full to the brim of smarties and chocolate buttons and dreaming of octopuses. 



Johanna Leech

I made the sweet windmills I ate at my niece’s party three years ago.

My sister had one when she was a child at a friend’s party.  She remembered them ever since, and wanted to pass them on to her daughter.

I spent my time in SHAC making windmills, lots of them, then I invited people to come and eat them at a party on the last day.

Maybe they will remember them, and make them for someone else one day.

I hope people liked them.

The windmills could be eaten while playing Dutch Blitz along with windmill themed sculptures and drawings in the space.


Caragh O’Donnell

Is interested in exploring the limitations and dimensions of physical space/s through temporary transformations. During her time in the flat she worked on a series of drawing experiments exploring and using every possible surface and space; walls and the spaces between them, doors, the floor and ceiling, windows and the surfaces of objects. Nightly dreams of octopuses turned into daily drawings of octopuses. Cracks in the walls grew tentacles and octopuses moved into vacant spaces around the flat, awaiting discovery. Caragh used small blue lights to create shadows and drew attention through her drawings to overlooked areas of the flat like under the sink and behind the fridge. On the final night she created a treasure hunt of her drawings for visitors looking for adventure.















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